Taylor Hill & Bond – Unlocking your land’s hidden potential

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Taylor Hill & Bond’s Land & New Homes department comprises of a highly experienced team of experts with a vast knowledge of the sector. Viable, successful and profitable developments require a long-term vision.

Our well-respected team of land and development specialists are experts in identifying, advising and acquiring sites with development potential and helping landowners to release capital profit from their asset. 

For landowners – 
We help landowners just like you to unlock their land’s hidden value by identifying the best strategy based on your specific landholding and location. We will provide you with expert advice and be there to guide and support you throughout the process.

Maximising the value of your land…
We understand that your property or land is a highly valuable asset in its own right, but our mission is to help you discover and make sense of all of the development opportunities that may be available to maximise and unlock the hidden value. Taylor Hill & Bond has helped many landowners realise their land’s full potential and can assist you with pre-planning advice based on our industry leading intelligence and insight. 

Which types of land may have development potential?
There are many different types of land that would be suitable for development. Properties with large gardens or plots, horse paddocks, agricultural fields, land currently used for light industrial or commercial purposes, car parks, nurseries, and disused buildings etc. With such a broad range of opportunities, it is important to seek advice from a trusted expert such as Taylor Hill & Bond who can help you make sense of the options available. We have a wealth of experience in advising clients with potentially sensitive needs and ensure we find the most sympathetic and respectful way forward, whilst considering the impact to local residents and the wider community.

Will there be any tax to pay?
We would always advise any landowner to seek independent tax advice, as it really depends on your own individual circumstances. 

When you sell your only or main home, any profit on the sale is generally exempt from Capital Gains Tax as a result of Principal Private Residence (PPR) relief. Your ‘home’ includes your garden and grounds so long as the land is used and enjoyed as part of your main residence whilst you live there. It is possible to claim PPR if you sell just part of the property, for example part of the garden. The relief automatically applies to properties of up to 1.2 acres (0.5 hectares) in total. It is also possible to claim the relief if your plot is bigger than this, as long as the extra space is required for the reasonable enjoyment of the house. However, if you have a larger plot, HM Revenue & Customs may argue that the sale of part demonstrates the land sold was not required for the reasonable enjoyment of the property, and so seek to deny the relief.

If you are able to claim PPR on a sale of part of your garden, this could result in the gain realised being tax free. Given the potential tax savings, if you are thinking of selling part of your garden we would recommend getting professional advice as early as possible to ensure any necessary tax planning steps can be taken.

Land and new homes 2
Land and new homes

Finding the perfect buyer for your land
We have developed close relationships with a broad range of clients meaning we can find the very best buyer for your land. These include local and national house-builders and developers, housing associations, promoters, builders, private equity funds and high-net-worth individuals.

How does the process work?
Our team is here to support you through every stage of the process from our initial conversation through to marketing your land, securing a buyer and completing the sale. We understand that proceeding with a land sale can be a daunting task, which is why we ensure a very personal and supportive role is provided throughout the process. This allows us to maintain communication with all parties, whilst imparting our expert advice and guidance where necessary.

If you are a landowner and want to understand your options our team is here to help. Get in touch for a confidential discussion about the options open to you – there’s no obligation and we will treat your enquiry with the discretion it deserves.